Welcome to the 109th episode of the Give a Heck Podcast!

In this crazy world where everybody has an opinion and imposes that opinion on you, how do you keep your peace and sanity to live the life you deserve?

To answer this, tune in to this solo episode as I share what some would call explosive life tips that will help you navigate and overcome the trials and tribulations in life.

I start by explaining the 70/30 rule that I live by, then shift to how I deal with bad moments by implementing a nostalgic deed that everybody did as a child.

Lastly, I share the secret to living a purposeful life.


In this episode, you’ll learn about the following:

  • Dealing with life and toxic individuals
  • The 70/30 principle
  • Bad day vs. bad moments
  • The key to living a life on purpose
  • The right kind of people to be around
  • And much more!

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