Welcome to the 52nd episode of the Give A Heck Podcast!

Join Dwight Heck and his guests, Julie Traxler and Corey Harris, as they talk about how the yin and yang partners were able to build SB Pace, write the book ‘Seriously? Now What?! A Small Business Guide to Disaster Preparedness,’ and start the podcast Biz Quik all during the lockdown seasons of 2020.

In this episode, the duo shares their thoughts about the one common problem with most entrepreneurs, the work and life balance issue, and their answer to the question, “is education a make or break factor to an entrepreneur’s success?”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

      • The reason why we’re a match – Julie and Corey
      • How did Julie and Corey establish their business, publish a book, and start a podcast during the pandemic?
      • What does it take to start a business?
      • Will formal education determine your success as an entrepreneur?
      • You are not your business!
      • And much more!

    About Julie Traxler and Corey Harris:

    When the pandemic hit in early 2020, it was the sign that Julie and Corey had been waiting for.  Nobody had been impacted more by the lockdowns than small business owners, and the desire to make an impact with the hard-working people who were struggling was the perfect impetus to form SB PACE.

    Julie has over 20 years of experience working with small business owners. She’s led clients through acquisitions and mergers, always keeping the needs and priorities of the business owner in mind.  Julie is an expert at project management, change management, communication, coaching, and mergers & acquisitions.  As one-half of the SB PACE team, Julie focuses on listening, understanding, and then solving.

    Corey also has over 20 years of experience working with small business owners.  He focuses on the processes that keep your business running smoothly.  With a background in owning and operating restaurants, Corey knows what it is to be a small business owner.  He brings a strong background of logistics and operations knowledge to the team and a deep understanding of finance and cash flow.  Corey rounds out the SB PACE team with his analytical approach to business.

    You can find Julie Traxler and Corey Harris on…

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    Twitter: https://twitter.com/sb_pace


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