EP 10: Dwight Heck- Knowing Where You Are Heading To

What are the effective rules of managing your finances? Dwight says, “I have specific procedures that I help people out with so that they can take charge of their life and live a life where they’re not spinning on a hamster wheel.” Here is a way out if you are failing miserably at handling your finances. Dwight Heck is the founder of Give a Heck Financial, where his mission is to empower people with financial education. He is a coach, the Amazon best-selling author of the book ‘Give a Heck’, and the host of the Give a Heck podcast. His story is relatable as he spent many years in trials and tribulations while financially supporting five kids as a single dad and living a life of “quiet desperation” to turn things around in a significant way. In this episode of The Liquid Lunch Project, Mathew, Luigi, and Dwight discuss the significant financial issues leading to stressful life and the possible ways of solving those. The guest breaks down the paths of creating more abundance, reinventing yourself, finding your purpose, getting out of debt, creating a successful budget, and much more.

Tune in to listen to a story with loads of authenticity and gain insight on living life with intention. What You Will Learn: What challenges Dwight faced in his initial career while living paycheck to paycheck as a single dad of five children, and how he overcame them. Why it is essential to have at least ‘80% overlap’ in core values and belief systems if you consider one as a mentor. How to balance inflow and outflow of money effectively. And much more! Favorite Quote: “I want to help people not live in quiet desperation. I want people to live a life that’s on purpose and not by accident.”

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