Financial Education

Four steps during our Give A Heck Financial Education Sessions

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During the goal-setting step we gather numbers for assets (house, investments etc), liabilities (all debts), and the goal for retirement age and finances. At Give a Heck Financial, we calculate and provide a roadmap of how to tactically achieve your financial goals.

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Investment 101

This is important as it gives education on how the investment industry started and what is has become and the risk of the options out there. Highly important as people need to understand why the stock market exists and what is available to take away and diversify the risk and what their options are.

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Accumulation & Distribution

We educate how money can accumulate over time in the different investment vehicles available in Canada. We also educate you on distribution, which is retirement. You’ll learn how money is affected and taxed while it is distributed as well as how long it will last for your needs.

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History Of North America

Understanding the History of North America, what is going on in the world, debt-wise, lack of tax-paying citizens in the future where more are taking out than putting in the markets are all significant financial learnings as they deeply affect people’s investments.

Financial Education:

We cover the most important topics you need to know.

Spending Habits &

Paying off Debt

Retirement & Investing

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Savings Planning

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Housing Services

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