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Insured Pensions

Give a Heck Financial offers two different categories or pension products available


Lump sums may be deposited with guaranteed payment at retirement with an option for specified period or for life. This product has no flexibility for passing on the asset to children, nor the ability to adjust the investment or pension payout. In addition, insured pensions cannot be adjusted for inflation.


A second option allows for a guaranteed pension for life. This unilateral pension amount is locked in for life. If you are not drawing from the pension yet, the value can only go upwards regardless of market changes. Once the pension is taken, it has an adjusted payout from ages 55 until 80. The remaining pension value can eventually be passed down to loved ones as a lump sum and potentially tax free.

Asset Management

Investing and increasing your wealth has many vehicles and products to choose from. However, depending on what you’re trying to achieve, the products offered for asset accumulation can feel overwhelming. Goal setting and in-depth education about the investment product and different scenarios can help with your decision making process.

Some people need money for retirement, but also want to leave part of their assets behind for family. No investment product will fit everyone the same way, and may require a few different options to achieve your goals. Insuring your investments to protect a nest egg is also paramount. However, your investment goals should also pass along as little tax as possible and protect yourself from a market downtown.

Throughout a person’s life of investing, it’s important to continuously review and implement changes as needed. Investing isn’t meant to sit unattended until retirement or when someone passes away.

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Life Insurance

Insurance is so misunderstood in our world today. Many people feel the cost of insurance is beyond their budget, yet depending on your age and health, the cost is often lower than people realize. Buying daily coffee and lunch is easily $5 to $20 a day, proving more expensive than protecting their number one asset: Income.

The #1 foundation of financial planning is life insurance. It’s often cost effective with little to do until it’s needed. Life insurance also passes to your loved ones tax-free when you pass away. Forgoing life insurance could create a financial burden on your loved ones and complicate the grieving process. When life insurance is implemented properly, it allows your loved ones to focus on their loss instead of worrying about the lack of funds after your death.

We help individuals and businesses set up insurance to protect the loss of asset or income. Without proper insurance, people and businesses alike can lose their home or real estate assets.

Living Benefits

Living benefits include the following products:


Health Benefits
Dental, prescription, physiotherapy, checkups, etc.


Critical Illness
Including cancer and heart disease.


Unable to work due to injuries.

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Long Term Care
Required care due to an accident or illness, particularly with the elderly.