Welcome to the 75th episode of the Give A Heck Podcast!


Join Dwight Heck and his guest, Ryan Dunphy as they chat about his goal of helping people outsmart burnout and provide guidance for his community to avoid wasting resources like time and money because of too much stress.


In this episode, Ryan shares how he understands that life is a process and disagrees with the culture that is promoted by social media that life has to be like this and that when in reality life is the process of reaching goals.


This episode will be filled with stories and advice about being able to do more with less time so if you resonate then be sure to stay tuned!


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How Ryan found coaching and what it did to his personal growth
  • Living life by intention and not by accident
  • 1% of the day that leaves a positive impact
  • Going through your 24 hours with intention
  • Redefining the word selfish
  • And much more!



About Ryan Dunphy:

Ryan earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in exercise physiology and behaviour change at Rowan University. Ryan then spent years in the medical field working with patients after they completed their physical therapy and cardiac rehab treatments. In his research working with those patients, Ryan found mismanaged stress to be the root cause for the vast majority of illnesses and injuries. Due to his passion to help others, Ryan went on to earn coaching and speaking certifications in order to launch his own health coaching practice.  His focus was how to help people avoid so much pain, wasted time, and wasted money dealing with preventable suffering. To better serve during corporate engagements. Ryan always included time management components with what he taught.


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