Welcome to the 115th episode of the Give A Heck podcast!

In this episode, Jack shares his story of having a life reset after getting fired and finding a way to have a more robust life that could withstand another job firing through real estate and house hacking. One thing that helped him get off the hamster wheel of life was taking that first step to get started however, it can be overwhelming at first.

Jack shared that setting goals and breaking them into mini goals to achieve that bigger goal helps organize his thoughts and frames his actions. In addition, writing these goals in a journal and recording all the steps taken would help keep you accountable.

To learn more about Jack’s strategies, tune in to this episode and enjoy!

In this episode, you’ll learn about the following:

  • Jack’s early recollections of money
  • Getting fired and a life reset
  • Setting goals and journaling
  • Jack’s take on having a mentor on a journey to succeed in life
  • How to track your net worth

About Jack Allweil:

Jack is an avid reader, mathlete, and soccer fan. He turned his energy to “mini” self-directed projects, eager to start real learning. He is on a journey to find the intersection of his actuarial background (FSA 2021) and his love for sports and personal finance. He believes our country lacks financial education and is eager to help where he can.


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