Welcome to the 40th episode of the Give A Heck Podcast!


Join Dwight Heck and his guest, Will Kintish, as they hold a profound discussion of everything you need to hear about networking. The daily grind, for some people, is a fixed work routine and a check once or twice a month. And that’s totally normal! But for Will, if someone wants to climb up the ladder, he/she must visibly and proactively start learning how to become a competent networker.


In this episode, Will talks about overcoming fear when working the room, how to spot opportunities, how to follow up professionally, and this beautiful Jewish word termed ‘beshert.’


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Bidding accounting goodbye — the start of Kintish Networking Skills
  • Beshert (Jewish term): The transition to networking and on defining its simple meaning
  • The Eight Steps to Effectively Network
  • “What is your work? And what do you do?”
  • The Six Formats of Every Room You Will (Ever) Enter
  • And much more!


About Will Kintish:

Will left Bury Grammar School at 16 and spent the next 36 years training as, qualifying as and practising as a Chartered Accountant. An opportunity arose for him to have a career change after his accountancy firm was merged into a national business.

Do you believe in fate? Will does. Two years before Will left his accountancy career, he was training as a trainer with the Dale Carnegie Organisation. This was simply to be a hobby, not knowing he was going to leave accountancy some short time later.

As a result of the merger, Will set up a presentation and training business in 2000. As an accountant, it seems he was extremely good at attracting clients but realized most professional people, whilst great at the technical aspect of the job, struggled with marketing, selling, and promotion. So he recognized a huge gap in the market for people to become more confident and effective networkers in the professional and financial communities. In the mid’ noughties’ when budgets reduced dramatically, Will had to find new markets, and these have turned out to be the not-for-profit and academic worlds.

Since 2000, Will would like to think he has established himself as a leading UK provider of professional development training, having presented to over 80,000 people Europe-wide. After all, “I’ve been Kintished” seems to have taken on as a phrase well-known to people who have heard his presentations.



You can find Will Kintish on…

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Kintish2

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