Welcome to the 6th episode of the Give A Heck Podcast! Join Dwight Heck and his guest, Rocky Lalvani, as they talk about money, gratitude, passion, and knowing your purpose. Rocky is a Chief Profitability Officer, teaching their clients how to ensure that they get paid and that their profits are their priority. He also shares his strategies on how to raise financially savvy kids. Parents should teach their children how to handle their own money even at a young age. Find out more about this in the episode; stay tuned!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Rocky and his parents immigrated to the United States when he was two years old.
  • If you don’t understand those money mindsets and do not adopt them to serve you the best, you will find yourself in trouble.
  • Parents have to have conversations with their children about money. And you can’t learn how to use money if you don’t have money in your hands.
  • Rocky taught his kids how to handle money, the value of waiting, and delayed gratification.
  •  We are our own worst enemy. How did Rocky deal with critics?
  •  A lot of times, people will say I want XYZ, but you look at their calendar, and they’re spending all their time on ABC.
  • And much more!


About Rocky Lalvani:

It’s your business. Your profit should come first.

I serve entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their businesses profitably.

Traditionally accounting and bookkeeping services are transactional – do the books, prepare the taxes, etc. Numbers in, numbers out, and you pay a fee. But what about profit? What if at the end of the day, you actually fattened your wallet? As a Profit First Professional, I help you increase your bottom line.

Yes… you have excellent at bookkeeping and accounting service, but you should expect that from anyone you work with. What makes me different is that I drive profitability in your business.

I am certified in the Profit First method, have direct hands-on experience increasing the profits for multiple businesses, and have access to profit specialist throughout the globe. What this means is we have the strategies to make your business more profitable than it has ever been before.

And we are ready to do it for you starting now. 


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