A Journey Of First Times And New Experiences with Ann Bernard

Welcome to the 11th episode of the Give A Heck Podcast! Join Dwight Heck and his guest, Ann Bernard, as they talk about her journey and hardships that she overcame by following God’s direction and having the right mindset. Ann is the CEO of First Time Storytelling, helping people share their stories for the first time!
In this episode, you’ll learn:
• The struggles Ann went through and how her faith helped her overcome them.
• Her first and new experiences with God’s guidance that helped her on her journey.
• Ann wants to help people grow and change to make their lives better.
• It is very important to surround yourself with the right people in order to continue moving forward.
• Hope is a lot more powerful than inspiration and motivation.
• You need to understand your options in the right way to make the best decisions for yourself.
• And much more!

About Ann Bernard:
The CEO is me, Ann Bernard, The Master of First Times. I’ve been on a journey of First Times and New Experiences for about eight years which inspired the #365FirstsChallenge, an App to help people make their list of the things they’ve never done before to maximize what they get out of life. The minimal viable product (initial version of the App) was released in December 2019.
First times and new experiences changed and directly impacted my life so much. Additionally, the research backs up how powerful they are for rewiring our brains and providing a plethora of other benefits that I designed an action-driven self-development program based on first times and new experiences and launched Next Level Firsts Coaching.
This is an opportunity for you to share a first-time story you might have never shared before publicly and will never have another major platform to leverage like this again.
You can find Ann Bernard on…
Website: https://firsttimestorytelling.com/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/

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