Did You Know? Food As A Prescription! with Anthony and Staci Lo Cascio

Welcome to the #72 episode of the Give A Heck Podcast!

Join Dwight Heck and his guests, Anthony and Staci Lo Cascio.

They both share how the changes in their diet affected their lives for the better. Staci shares how she’s always had an issue with dairy products, not exactly an allergy but higher amounts.

The margarine revolution did also affect Staci when she was younger as her mother and grandmother both got into much of the product.

While Anthony who’s a tap dancer at the time experienced internal bleeding. A point in their lives where both were failed by western medicine.

Staci having to avoid dairy and Anthony, fructose, and glucose. Doctors back then tried helping them by giving them prescriptions of medicine that didn’t do all that well and that’s when they realized intaking medicine is not the solution but the removal of certain items in their diet.


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

    • What inspired Staci and Anthony with their book
    • Importance of knowledge and awareness with food intake
    • How changing their diets helped with their careers
    • Mindset matters with your physique, emotions, and spirituality
    • How food intake adjustments can solve what medicine can’t
    • And much more!

About Anthony and Staci Lo Cascio:

Anthony Lo Cascio is the artistic director of “Tap Life Company” performing tap dance ensemble and he performed in the Tap Dogs show between 1997 and 2013. Lo Cascio also co-founded New York based Global Dance Cooperative in 2014, an organization established to bring together dance professionals from around the world.


Staci Lo Cascio grew up with dance in her life and knew all along what she was intended and destined to do.  Out of High School she started performing with Sesame Street Live and hasn’t looked back yet! Just another reminder to do what you love. She co-wrote “Food As A Prescription” with her husband Anthony due to her own medical conditions and needs as well.


Check out the podcast and learn more about Staci and their book.


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