Non-English Speaking to A Modern Gentleman in 3 Years with Alex Ramirez

Welcome to the 92nd episode of the Give A Heck Podcast!

Join Dwight Heck and his guest, Alex Ramirez, as they chat about how men can achieve their true potential by breaking free from mediocrity.

Alex is the founder of a world movement of modern gentlemen committed to achieving true freedom and having it all.

In this episode, he shares the struggles he endured, overcame, and used as leverage in order to help men be the best they can be.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • A 21-year-old Mexican kid who just learned to speak English
  • Invest in yourself; reap what you sow
  • Build people, and they will build your business
  • Three things an entrepreneur must work on
  • Why do men lose their way and not live up to their true potential?
  • And much more!

About Alex Ramirez:

Alex Ramirez is the founder of a world movement of modern gentlemen committed to achieving true freedom and having it all.

Alex’s mission is to find the best methods to help men master themselves and live to their full God-given potential. His passion is assisting men in building amazing things by supporting their mindset and performance, the two most important aspects that entrepreneurs must work on. His gift is to help free entrepreneurs from negative subconscious programming such as self-sabotage, doubt, fear, and unworthiness, assisting entrepreneurs in operating at their full potential.

Alex was not always successful. However, he got to where he is now by overcoming the challenges that life threw at him, learning the lessons, and recording and systematizing those lessons so that other men would benefit from them.

Alex has endured a generational cycle of mediocrity, drug addiction, poverty, and broken families. He is ending generations of people who lived in complacency and wasted their potential. His life’s mission is to break this generational cycle of mediocrity in his family and hundreds of others, entrepreneurs, and families.

The bottom line, Alex helps entrepreneurs build a multimillion-dollar network to increase their net worth, authority, credibility, trust, and opportunities with the processes he has for

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