Understanding the path of an Empath with Michele Ogston

Welcome to the 26th episode of the Give a Heck Podcast!

Join Dwight Heck and Michele Ogston as they talk about Understanding the Path of an Empath and how to change your life with one decision today. Michele Ogston is a known Empowerment and Transformational Coach. She also is a certified intuitive life coach and meditation and mindfulness teacher. With her life experience and her inspirations in the path she has taken, she shares practical thoughts that determine an individual’s pathway depending on the life perspectives he chooses to believe.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
• How Michele Ongston’s involvement with religion and her desire to do more has caused her to leave the church and engage in a more purposeful lifestyle
• How to break the patterns of life that have been holding back people from realizing their real-life purpose
• How one decision today can change your life completely
• How better parenting strategies can lead to more open communication
• How Behavior Economics could help you be financially free and content in your life today
• And many more

About Michele Ogston:

Michele Ogston is a well-known life coach and mindfulness teacher who empowers empaths to take better paths in their lives. She believes that a person can change his own entire life and enjoy a better future with one decision.
She was born to a family who goes religiously to church. However, as she grew older, she realized that she has a much bigger calling than simply going and worshipping at church. Through her mother’s support, she was able to go through several self-searching training and meditations that brought her into realizing her real purpose in life that she now shares with people who want to find better paths in their own lives.

You can find Michele on:

Website: https://www.cloud9lifecoaching.com/blank-page

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cloud9lifecoaching/?hl=en

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michele-ogston-clc-744581a6


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