What My Origin Story and 54th Trip around the Sun has taught me!

Welcome to the 54th episode of the Give A Heck Podcast!


Join Dwight Heck as he shares his origin story this time, looking back at what 54 trips around the Sun have taught him. And what better time to reflect on your origin story than on your birthday!


Additionally, Dwight talks about how vital our origin is and the lessons we learned up to wherever we all are now. After all, while our past does not define who we are, the experiences we choose to learn from sets the stage for the better version of ourselves we want to work towards.


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

    • How we are all works-in-progress and the importance of serving ourselves before others.
    • The power of defining our reality and never letting other people’s reality become ours.
    • How to program your brain not to have a bad day and to let yourself have bad moments.
    • The value of developing associations that level us up and letting go of those that no longer do.
    • Why having the willingness to change is essential before starting to live life on purpose.
    • And much more!

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