Give A Heck by Dwight Heck

In the last 21 years, I have lived a life like many, by accident, going to work, go home get paid than the next day starting all over again, living on a proverbial hamster wheel. I can tell you though through coaching and mentorship, I learned that living a life on purpose is less stressful and ensures I am happy more days than not. My goal is to introduce you to guests, ideas, and thoughts that can help you learn that you to can

Les Brown:

A Top 5 Global Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Mentor, Speaking Coach, and Best-Selling Author

Speaking Topics

  • How to never live bad days again, only have bad moments
  • The worse days of your life do not have to define you
  • Goal setting and understanding what you want, are the key to leaving the hamster wheel of life and unlocking your true potential
  • Living a purposeful life does not have be complicated
  • Budgeting is not taboo it ensures you are “Living Life On Purpose & Not By Accident!
  • Drowning in debt does not have to be forever
  • Living a life with more days in the month, than there is money, is no way to live
  • Treat life like a buffet, take what you like and leave what you do not
  • Your most precious commodity is your time, live in the present and never fear the future
  • It is never too late to “Give A Heck” about your life


Michele Ogston

Ryan Dunphy

Sherrie Dunlevy

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