About Dwight Heck

Give a Heck Financial was founded by Dwight Heck, who started his career while living paycheck to paycheck as a single Dad of five children. Like many of us, Dwight didn’t understand how money worked or the basics of budgeting. Money came in and immediately disappeared, followed by sleepless nights and stress filled with quiet desperation. Instead of asking for help, Dwight kept his financial troubles to himself to avoid embarrassment and judgment. Tired of feeling like he was stumbling through life with no direction, Dwight made up his mind to live with intention and purpose. A turning point came in 2001 when Dwight discovered some major health issues. They led to a crossroads of giving up the emotionally, mentally, and physically draining IT consulting world. After working nine hard, relatively thankless years as an IT consultant, a friend reached out to Dwight in 2002 and asked if he was interested in checking out the finance and insurance industry. He encouraged Dwight to use his remarkable people skills, relatability, and ability to teach and train to help others in financial distress. Dwight was instantly sold on the idea of making the lives of people better while enhancing his own. Although Dwight knew nothing about budgeting, investing, or life insurance, he was determined to learn it for the sake of his own family and then help others to do the same. Done with nights of quiet desperation, Dwight rose to the top of the industry and has spent the last 21-years helping families and businesses thrive.

About Give A Heck Financial

Our mission is to empower you with financial education so that you can live a more purposeful life. At Give A Heck Financial, we educate and teach you how to live life on purpose, and not by accident. This is accomplished through steps that assist clients with budgeting, having proper life insurance protection in place, and saving for children’s education as well as retirement. A financial roadmap is a must for everyone; the speed which we go is at the client’s discretion.

Living Life on purpose and not by accident is still my goal as it has helped so many others live a more stress-free life and will continue to impact others on a daily basis.