Ep 195 Live Life on Purpose Not by Accident with Dwight Heck!

Live Life on Purpose Not by Accident For today’s episode, Dwight talked about living life with purpose and how he pivoted himself to have harmony with time and his family. Take away: Living life on purpose is beyond just money. It’s about how you set goals in your life. Action step: Have a personal goal setting. Money Learnings: School taught Dwight nothing about money. He learned his biggest lesson about finance from his father who is a businessman. His father started him to get interested in money and investing. Bio: Hi, my name is Dwight I am the driving force behind Give a Heck financial and have been in the finance industry for 17 years. Why, you wonder, do I do what I do? Well I will tell you briefly and leave it to you to reach out and learn more how I can help you. My mission is to teach others to “Live life on purpose, Not by accident” to empower people to live better today, retire in comfort, and die with dignity. 17 years ago, I would go to sleep and wake up in quiet desperation not sure how I was going to help my family and I get by.

This would hang heavy on my mind and heart and prayed for a solution to get me out of the emotional state I was wearing and unable to shed. I had a friend reach out to me and offer to assist me in changing my current entrepreneurial life which was computer consulting, and take charge of my own financial life, my own financial house, and then be able to go and educate and empower others to do the same as their financial coach. Highlights from this episode: Link to episode page Dwight’s experience on teaching his kids about money Living life on purpose not by accident Making people to stick to their budget Dwight’s life pivot Integrating faith with work and life Take advice from the right person


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