Awareness Is The Way Out Of Your Automatic Pilot! with Michael Landauf

Welcome to the 44th episode of the Give A Heck Podcast!

Join Dwight Heck and his guest, Michael Landau, as they talk about learning mindful movement to create a healthy habit of physical activity.

Michael is a Feldenkrais practitioner, a professional musician, a former university teacher, and an energetic healer. Since the beginning of his career, he found it beneficial to explore ways to perfect and optimize movement. So now, Michael teaches mindful movement to help his clients become the best version of themselves. After all, he believes that even a tiny dose of awareness in your daily activities can go a long way in facilitating growth.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:
 How movement is an infinite doorway into the way “you” work, both in mind and body
 What “mindful movement” is and why people should care to learn this practice
 The exploration of habitual patterns and the different levels they can still develop into
 How age does not matter when developing mobility and learning mindful movement
 Why being aware of even the slightest movement is essential in connecting with yourself
 And much more!




About Michael Landau:

While living in Austria for several decades, Michael Landau sustained and experienced tremendous pain as a musical performer and instructor, so much so that he experienced chronic back pain. So now, Michael continues to design and structure his wellness program called “From Stiff To Nimble,” which is the byproduct of COVID-19

“From Stiff to Nimble” is an online course that addresses focused movement, mobility, and movement interventions to help people become more conscious of the need to move. In this program, Michael made it his mission to give busy people with sedentary lives the opportunity to find joy and pleasure in movement by being more able, flexible, and lively through a tiny daily dose of “movement with awareness.”

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