Tragedy, Despair, and Triumph with Alison Lager Part 2

Welcome to the 25th episode of the Give A Heck Podcast!

Join Dwight Heck and his guest, Alison Lager, as they continue their conversation started in episode 24.

Alison and Dwight talk about Mission Awake, the perceptions of money and finance, and the importance of self-consciousness.

In this episode, Alison explains how she finds that most people today blindly follow the norms of life. They don’t want to live in a society that tells us how things, not the status quo, are not worthy of anything. To detach from that, she believes it’s critical to hold your vision high and love yourself enough to see yourself, stop yourself, and be with yourself in a journey where your individuality and self-worth will be tested.
In this episode, you’ll learn:
· Mission Awake – What is it all about?
· Some mistakes direct us to the rightful direction and decisions.
· It’s not about what you are right now, but who you are inside and who you want to be.
· Alison and Dwight on the lack of education about personal finance.
· On learned behaviours; How people associate and disassociate.
· And much more!

About Alison Lager:
Alison began her career in mental health over 30 years ago. She founded Lager Counseling Services on the principle that too many people live their lives in an automated state and never deal with the systemic issues that keep them repeating the same lives they have become accustomed to hating. “It is time to stop hacking at the leaves to get to the root.”
Being tired of the traditional use of psychotherapy, Alison has differentiated her service from the rest. After being an influencer and sharing her knowledge on social media, Alison discovered the hidden needs of so many who didn’t have access to the kind of help they needed. This sparked her desire to create “Alison Answers.”
A platform that includes podcasts, digital programs, and online therapy designed to AWAKEN US ALL to our excellence with one goal: #MISSIONAWAKE

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