Welcome to the 97th episode of the Give A Heck Podcast!

Join Dwight Heck and his guest, Jeremy Slate, as they talk about creating impact through podcasts.

Jeremy Slate is the founder of the Create Your Own Life Podcast. He shares how he uses the power of podcasts to be a catalyst for change in the world.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Entrepreneurship journey from childhood
  • Why the educational system is broken
  • What drove Jeremy to podcast about elite performers
  • Values in powerlifting applied to Jeremy’s media business
  • Podcasting to create trust and opinion leader status
  • And much more!



About Jeremy Slate:

Jeremy Slate is the founder of the Create Your Own Life Podcast, which studies the highest performers in the world. He studied literature at Oxford University, specializes in podcasting and new media to create celebrity, and was ranked #1 in iTunes New and #78 in the top 100. He was named the #1 Podcast to Listen to by INC Magazine in 2019, as well as being named a Top Influencer by Forbes.

After his success in podcasting, Jeremy Slate and his wife, Brielle Slate, founded Command Your Brand to help entrepreneurs get their message out by appearing as guests on podcasts.

You can find Jeremy Slate on…