Welcome to the 117th episode of the Give A Heck podcast!

In this episode, join Dwight and Jeannie as they discuss the essence of authenticity and genuineness in our choices.

Jeannie shares that the secret to treating people with dignity and respect, whatever message you want to convey, is knowing who you are, and your core values, telling people the truth even when it is ugly, and saying it in a way that still upholds the dignity of a person.

Jeannie also talks about life being a series of choices and that you can always choose things that benefit you. There’s more to unpack in this episode, so be ready with your notes, tune in, and enjoy!

In this episode, you’ll learn about the following:

  • Jeannie’s story of being the youngest of six and the options she had to take
  • Telling the truth and how to convey it
  • The choices we have
  • Find the culture that you want to be a part of
  • Appreciation goes a long way
  • The evolutions in the workspace


About Jeannie Moravits:


Jeannie, founder, and CEO has been there personally and professionally. Her coaching brilliance can be directly linked to the life she’s lived – the times she’s had to prove her worth amongst her colleagues, her triumphs in the face of adversity, her resiliency, and her tenacity and drive that would not allow defeat, even when things looked hopeless.


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