Quit Living In Quiet Desperation with Dwight Heck

In today’s episode of Average to Expert Podcast, our conversation will be about, how to quit living in “quiet desperation” by taking hold of your financial situation. And what better person to talk about this is Dwight Heck, owner at Give A Heck Financial, someone who before he got into the finance world, does not understand what money is, in relation to living.Join me and listen to Dwight’s journey and how he can teach you how to live life on purpose, not by accident.

*Connect With Us To Launch Your Podcast**Get free live trainings and coaching by joining the community**Get the free training on how to start, scale and monetize your podcast. Go to Facebook, search for my name Luis Ryan Diaz, and shoot me a message with the word “training”*In this episode: What is quiet desperationDwight’s pivot point that got him to the world of finance. The first step to financial education sessions.How to balance the inflow and outflow of money? The commonalities in people, on why they fail miserably in handling their finances.